New Music 2020 - War Boy Forever

War Boy Forever

   We have a surprise for you all. Before the pandemic, Matt and I were able to track drums for some songs that you may or may not have heard before. We will be releasing those couple songs pretty soon. Along with that, the dudes have been writing some new tunage for you all. After playing the same 14-15 songs throughout our setlist for the last couple years, we are about to open up and add some new life to the band. Be on the lookout in the next couple months! Until then, go listen to NIGHTMARES on all the major streaming sites. Or if you want to support the band even further, buy the album on Bandcamp and check out our merch page. 

Ruben, 5.7.2020

New Merch and latest COVID-19 pandemic

War Boy Merchandise

   Just like every other band on Earth, War Boy had to cancel all of their upcoming shows for the foreseeable future due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Without knowing, they had a ton of merch made for all those upcoming shows. If you'd like to support and purchase some merch, please click hereThere are some deals that you can see below.  Please do the right thing and stay safe, so you can catch War Boy's next show. Thank you for all the support!

Merch Bundle $25 - Shirt, CD, Miss Doom Patch, Logo Patch, Miss Doom Button, Logo Button, and a Sticker

Tshirt + CD + Logo Patch $15

CD + Logo Patch $10 

Ruben, 4.7.2020

War Boy Releases Debut album, Nightmares!


   It has been a long two years of headaches and nightmares, so to say, but the time has finally come. War Boy has released their debut album titled NIGHTMARES. You can download or stream the album on any major media streaming service. 

NIGHTMARES was recorded at Citrus College and Slagg Studios(Matt's House).

Album Art credit belongs to Roberto Mulliri, Matt Rodriguez, and Ruben Hoyos.

Now go fucking check it out!


Ruben, 2.21.2020